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If you are a healthcare professional you must read this story, it is for you. It is not about the COVID19 pandemic, actually, it brings a new knowledge over a disease known by experts as ME|CFS or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a once indecipherable affection also known as fibromyalgia and many other names, and somehow deeply inserted into the Gulf War Illnesses.

Although not yet seen as such and not caused by a known agent, the affection technically conforms a pandemic hiding in plain sight, worldwide – I call it Outbreak #64. Let’s see why. Besides, I demonstrate that this last ME|CFS outbreak entangles with, and is aggravated by the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic devastating the world.

Actually, this work was just finished when the COVID19 established, and while the new Chinese virus changes the world, its pandemic creates a huge field experiment that reinforces my research conclusions, and I had to rewrite it all.

ME|CFS is a strange disease. Initially affecting small communities and then middle-aged wealthy women and a few other human groups, it evolved and expanded its targets –  nowadays it aims at you, your colleagues, your mate, your offspring, your relatives, and at many among your friends and the patients you assist.

As you will see, it is also a complex disease. It can stand alone, but it may coexist with other related and unrelated health issues. It spreads over humankind for almost two centuries and has thrown countless lives into hell.

This theory unveils what it is and why it happens, it  proposes a model for disease development and opens new avenues for research; but above all, it emphasizes we can correctly diagnose, treat and prevent ME|CFS, and that united under this vision, sooner or later, with skepticism and economic resistance circumvented, we might stop this terrible evil.

This information is for you, because the greater the number of healthcare workers understanding and accepting this theory, the smaller the risks for the lives and the joy of many, and this will be especially true in the near future.

The time to conceive, research, create and write all this has been the most precious, seized from my lovely mother, son and daughter, inspiration and emotional support to whom I dedicate my life, and now this work. They do believe this is something of real value – I would never betray their faith.

Come with me.  D i s c o v e r.

E F Ramos, M.D.

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